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Undergraduate Korean Programs

Korean Program Requirement Sheets

Korean Major Requirements (2024-2025)
Korean Major (Specialization: Korean for Professionals) Requirements (2024-2025)
Korean Minor Requirements (2024-2025)
Korean Certificate Requirements (2024-2025)

We offer two tracks for a B.A. Korean degree: the regular track and the professionals (Flagship) track.

If students take equivalent courses with different focuses (e.g., KOR 101 and 111), both grades are recorded in the transcript, but only one set of credits may count toward degree requirements. For students receiving financial aid or Veterans Affairs benefits, the credit adjustment may affect the amount of aid or benefits.

B.A. in Korean (Regular)

The B.A. program in Korean language at University of Hawai’i Mānoa is focused on building high-level language proficiency as well as a good understanding of Korean culture. Electives within the Department provide students with an opportunity to learn about Korean culture through literature and media analysis, while non-departmental electives allow students to explore the history, civilization, and people of the Korean peninsula. The B.A. in Korean requires 36 hours of coursework in Korean language and linguistics or literature. See the major requirements at the top for more information.

B.A. in Korean (Specialization: Korean for Professionals) (Flagship)

The Flagship B.A. program aims to prepare American students to function in Korean as professionals in their chosen academic or professional fields. Through the Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures (EALL), a B.A. in Korean (Specialization: Korean for Professionals) is awarded upon successful completion of both the Flagship domestic and overseas components and demonstration of the ability to use Korean at professional levels (ILR 3, ACTFL Superior). For details, see the Korean Flagship website.

Minor in Korean

The minor in Korean requires a more directed body of coursework in Korean language and literature. Students must take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours from the approved course list. In the case of native speakers, they will be required to take five non-language skill courses. See the minor requirements at the top for more information.

Certificate in Korean

The certificate in Korean is for those students who wish to supplement other fields of study with some basic Korean language and culture. Students must take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours from the approved course list. See the certificate requirements at the top for more information.