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Undergraduate Chinese Programs

Chinese Program Requirement Sheets

Chinese Major Requirements (2024-2025)
Chinese Major (Specialization: Chinese Language Flagship) Requirements (2024-2025)
Chinese Minor Requirements (2024-2025)
Chinese Certificate Requirements (2024-2025)

If students take equivalent courses with different focuses (e.g., CHN 101 and 111),  both grades are recorded in the transcript, but only one set of credits may count toward degree requirements. For students receiving financial aid or Veterans Affairs benefits, the credit adjustment may affect the amount of aid or benefits received.

Prerequisites for some Chinese courses may be waived with the consent of the instructor for students with prior experience in the Chinese language who have completed a language placement exam. All Chinese majors are required to consult with their faculty advisor or the Undergraduate Advisor (Moore 390) prior to registering for each semester. Any student contemplating application into our graduate program are advised to discuss their plans with their advisor as well.

B.A. in Chinese (Regular)

The B.A. in Chinese requires 36 credits of coursework in Chinese language and linguistics or literature. See the major requirements above for more information.

B.A. in Chinese (Specialization: Chinese Language Flagship)

Students can earn a B.A. in Chinese with a specialization in Chinese Flagship. Flagship students typically double major in Flagship and any other discipline they desire. For more information about the Chinese Language Flagship Program, see their website here.

Minor in Chinese

The minor in Chinese requires a more directed body of coursework in Chinese language and literature. Students must take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours from the approved course list. In the case of native speakers, they will be required to take five non-language skill courses. See the minor requirements for more information.

Certificate in Chinese

The certificate in Chinese is for those students who wish to supplement other fields of study with some basic Chinese language and culture. Students must take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours from the approved course list. See the certificate requirements for more information.