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Support EALL

Would you like to help promote the study of East Asian languages and literatures?  Some of the activities our enrichment funds sponsor include:

  • Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Culture Days
  • Awards for student poetry contests in the target languages
  • Honoraria and hospitality for guest speakers
  • Film showings and other special events open to the community
  • Workshops and conferences featuring visiting scholars

You can help support these activities by donating through the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation at the links below.

You can also donate by mailing a check to:

UH Foundation
P.O. Box 11270
Honolulu, HI 96828-0270

To make sure your donation goes to the right fund, please use the appropriate account name and number from the list below:

  •  To support the activities of the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department in general: the EALL Enrichment Fund (#12016904)
  •  To support Chinese Language and Literature: the Chinese Language and Literature Enrichment Fund (#12688504)
  •  To support Japanese Language and Literature: the Japanese Language and Literature Enrichment Fund (#12455204)
  •  To support Korean Language and Literature: the Korean Language and Literature Enrichment Fund (#12689204)
  •  To support the study of East Asian literature: the Dane Lee Fund East Asia (#12633604)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  In fact, you can always send the donation directly to our office, with your instructions, and we will make sure it gets to the right place.