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Undergraduate Japanese Programs

Japanese Program Requirement Sheets

Japanese Major Requirements (2024-2025)
Japanese Minor Requirements (2024-2025)
Japanese Certificate Requirements (2024-2025)

If students take equivalent courses with different focuses (e.g., JPN 101 and 111),  both grades are recorded in the transcript, but only one set of credits may count toward degree requirements. For students receiving financial aid or Veterans Affairs benefits, the credit adjustment may affect the amount of aid or benefits received.

Japanese National Honor Society – College Chapter Inductees

B.A. in Japanese

In the Japanese major, students combine advanced language work with the study of Japanese linguistics and literature. The goal of the major is not so much to produce students with language skills equivalent to those of an educated native speaker, but rather to build the capacity to work between languages and cultures. This kind of translingual and transcultural competence demands the capacity to think critically about the Japanese language and about cultural products written in Japanese. The study of linguistics gives students the tools to reflect on the form and function of the language, and the study of literature provides ways of appreciating and analyzing in cultural context what the Japanese have written over time. The major is designed for those who plan to eventually pursue Japan-oriented careers in the public and private sectors and the academy, as well as those who wish to explore and enjoy the Japanese language as a medium of social and cultural meaning. See the major requirements above for more information.

Minor in Japanese

The minor in Japanese is designed for students who wish to further their background knowledge in Japanese. The requirements include both language skills courses and content courses to be chosen from offerings in Japanese linguistics and/or literature, as well as related fields such as Japanese film and Okinawan language and culture. Students must take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours from the approved course list. Native speakers will be required to take five content courses. See the minor requirements above for more information.

Certificate in Japanese

The certificate in Japanese is for those students who wish to have credentials in Japanese language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) to supplement other fields of study. Students must take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours from the approved course list. See the certificate requirements above for more information.