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Program Learning Outcomes for EALL PhD Program

Program Learning Outcomes for EALL PhD Program

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to: 


  1. Demonstrate mastery of knowledge in linguistics or literary and cultural studies in one of the three language concentrations (CJK). 
  2. Conduct in-depth critical reviews and synthesis of empirical, theoretical, and/or critical inquiry approaches in linguistics or literary/cultural studies. 

Inquiry and Applied Skills 

  1. Design and conduct original research and/or scholarly inquiry significant to the field of linguistics or literary studies. 
  2. Conduct rigorous analysis of data or literary texts. 

Research Communication Skills 

  1. Present research designs and/or findings orally and in writing. 

Professional Skills 

  1. Demonstrate cultural and intercultural competencies and ethical considerations necessary for conducting scholarly inquiry. 
  2. Interact professionally with other members of academic communities. 

Last Update: May 2017