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The Second Volume of the EALL Working Papers in Linguistics and Literatures is Now Available

The second volume of the EALL Working Papers in Linguistics and Literatures is now available via the EALL Working Papers in Linguistics and Literatures Collection in the ScholarSpace. Here is the link to the volume:  

The volume features two contributions by Ching Shek and Sue Y. Yoon.   

Ching Shek is a recent graduate of our MA program and he is currently teaching in our Japanese language program as lecturer. His contribution, “The Effects of Awareness-Raising with a Strong Component of Noticing to Listener Responses in Japanese“, is based on his MA capstone paper, which was supervised by his advisor, Professor Dina Yoshimi.   

Sue Y. Yoon is an advanced PhD student in our PhD program and her advisor is Professor Mary Shin Kim. Her contribution, “On the Ordering of Un/nun-marked Topics and Man-marked Foci in Korean“, is based on one of her scholarly papers, and it was supervised by Professor Hanbyul Chung.   

The Working Papers have been created to provide our students and faculty with a venue through which they can share their progress reports with the rest of the departmental members and anyone outside of the department who might be interested in learning about research activities taking place in the Department. As such, the articles published in our Working Papers are works-in-progress, and readers are asked not to cite from them without noting their preliminary nature and encouraged to contact the authors for any inquiries, comments and suggestions.