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Kondo-Brown, Kimi

General Information

Other Title
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Contact Information

Educational Background

PhD in Education, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

MA in Linguistics, University of Utah

Research Areas

Curriculum & Assessment, Japanese as Foreign/Heritage Language

Selected Bibliography

Recent & upcoming publications:

  • Kondo-Brown, K. (upcoming). Japanese as a Heritage Language: Research and
    Education in North America. In P. Romanowski & M. Luisa Perez-Cañado (Eds.), The
    Cambridge Handbook of Multilingual Education
  • Kondo-Brown, K. (2021). Heritage Language Assessment. In S. Montrul & M. Polinsky
    (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of heritage languages and linguistics (pp. 892-911).
    UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Kondo-Brown, K. (upcoming). 米国の大学における日本語テスト評価:ポストコロナ
    期のニューノーマルにおける研究課題 (Japanese language testing in American
    universities: Research agenda in the new normal). 日本言語テスト学会誌25 (Japanese
    Language Testing Association (JLTA) Journal, 25.

Recently reprinted books:

  • 近藤ブラウン妃美・坂本光代・西川朋美(編) (2019, reprinted in 2020). 『親と子をつなぐ 継承語教育ー日本・外国にルーツを持つ子どもー (Heritage language education connecting generations -From the Japanese perspective)』くろしお出版.
  • 近藤ブラウン妃美 (2012, reprinted in 2019 and 2022).『日本語教育のための評価入門 (Introduction to assessment for Japanese language teachers)』くろしお出版.

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