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Jiang, Li (Julie)

General Information

Associate Professor
Other Title
Associate Director, Chinese Language Flagship Center

Contact Information

Moore Hall 359

Educational Background

(2012) PhD in Linguistics, Harvard University
(2006) MA in Chinese Linguistics, Peking University
(2003) BA in Chinese Linguistics, Peking University

Research Areas

Chinese language and linguistics, syntax and semantics of China’s minority languages, comparative syntax and semantics, syntax-semantics interface, language universals and variation, and language acquisition

Selected Bibliography

Jiang, J. L., Jenks, P., & Jin, J. (2022). The Syntax of Classifiers in Mandarin Chinese. In C.-R. Huang, Y.-H. Lin, & I-H.
        Chen (Eds), Cambridge Handbook on Chinese Linguistics, 515-549. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Dayal, V. & Jiang, J. L. (2022). The puzzle of anaphoric bare nouns in Mandarin: A counterpoint to Index!. Linguistic   
        Inquiry 54, 147-167.
Jiang, J. L. (2020). Nominal Arguments and Language Variation. Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax, Oxford
        University Press.
Jiang, J. L. (2018). Definiteness in Nuosu Yi and the theory of argument formation. Linguistics and Philosophy 41:1, 1-
Jiang, J. L. (2017). Mandarin associative plural –men and NPs with –men. International Journal of Chinese Linguistics,
        4:2, 191-256.

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