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Haag, Andre

General Information

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Moore Hall 360

Educational Background

(2013) PhD in East Asian Languages and Cultures (Japanese), Stanford University
BA Brown University

Research Areas

  • Narratives of empire, nation, and colony (Korea) in modern Japanese literature (Meiji-Taishō-Shōwa)
  • Representations of Korean anticolonial resistance in Japanese popular colonial discourse and visual culture
  • Affect studies, terror, and colonial discourse
  • Genre studies: fictions of crime, detection, and terror
  • Postcolonial legacies of Japanese imperialism


Selected Bibliography

“’Why was he…well…killed?’ Natsume Sōseki and (Anti-)Colonial Violence,” Review of Japanese Culture and Society (forthcoming, Dec 2017).

“’Hating Korea’ (Kenkan) in Postcolonial Japan,” S. Toyosaki and S. Eguchi, eds., Intercultural Communication in Japan: Theorizing Homogenizing Discourse (Routledge, 2017), pp. 114-128. 

“Through Anxious or Confident Eyes? Visualizing the Korean Subversive in Taishō Detective Narratives,” Proceedings of the Association of Japanese Literary Studies, Volume 17, Summer 2017, pp. 10-20.

“Nakanishi Inosuke and ‘Futei Senjin’ in the Colonial Gaze of Taishō Japan: The Subversion of Mass Discourse and Colonial Discourse” (Nakanishi Inosuke to Taishō-ki no futei Senjin e no manazashi: Taishū disukuuru to koroniaru gensetsu no tenpuku), Ritsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture, Vol 22 No. 3, January 2011, pp. 81-97. (in Japanese)

“Maruyama Masao and Katō Shūichi on Translation and Japanese Modernity,” I. Levy, ed., Translation in Modern Japan (Routledge, 2010), pp. 15-43.


Recent Research Presentations and Talks

“Empire’s Sincerest Propagandists: Japanese Student Essays on ‘Japan-Korean Harmony’ (Naisen Yūwa),” Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Seattle, April 2016.

“Terms of Imperial Engagement: Exploring Japanese Perspectives on Colonialism and Korean Resistance through Language and Narration,” University of California, Davis, May 2016.

“Imperial Hopes Amidst Horrors: Beautiful Tales of the Kantō Earthquake Korean Massacres,” Association of Asian Studies AAS in Asia Conference, Doshisha University, Kyoto, June 2016.

“Drawing Empire’s Fractured Frontier: Literary Sketches and Populist Caricatures of the Japan-Korea ‘Merger’ (Nikkan heigō)” Association of Asian Studies AAS in Asia Conference, Korea University, Seoul, June 2017.

“Blurred Lines: Sketching the Annexed Frontier of Imperial Subjectivity in Takahama Kyoshi’s Chōsen,” Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ), Rikkyo University, July 2017.